100% Australian. From one of the purest places in the world comes the
Best Dairy and Plant Based Beverages and Creams.

At Purearth Foods, we harness the best of what nature makes and deliver it
to our customers using world-class manufacturing and high-tech traceability
for total peace of mind.

We produce some of the freshest, cleanest and most natural beverages, Purearth
Foods offer Long Life and Extended Shelf Life Dairy and Non-Dairy

With a selection of the highest quality ingredients that Australia is proud
to produce, Purearth Foods offers a suite of beverages that are top quality,
inherently safe and highly nutritious.

Whether it’s seeds, grains, plants or milk we can, and will, deliver the safest,
cleanest and freshest product. Always.

Our Offers - Plant based milks
Imaged sourced from Tetra Pak®

The strict selection of the best seeds, oats and grains allows Purearth Foods to offer the safest and best tasting plant based products and milk alternative plant based beverages with superior UHT and Extended Shelf life technology.

Purearth Foods delivers a plant protein milk with a superior sensory profile in dairy alternative plant based beverages with advanced technology to lock freshness in and deliver the best, long lasting taste.


Purearth Foods offers a range of
high quality Plant Based Beverages,
sourced from the clean and pure
farms of Australia, famous for
producing the highest quality agriculture.

Our Offers - Milk sweets with grinded pistachio
Our Offers - Coffee Making

Purearth Foods offers the highest
quality, nutritious and wholesome milk
produced from Australian cows.
Our dairy milk is 100% Australian,
sourced from the clean and pure pastures
of Victoria – an area ideally suited to dairy
farming due to its reliable rainfall, fertile
soil and temperate climate.

Packed in sterile, safe, recyclable
packaging, choose from Full Cream
or Low Fat Milk Products, Lactose Free, Flavoured, A2, Organic, Pet, Jersey, High Protein or Nutritionally Fortified Milks.

We produce ambient milk (Long
Shelf Life) or chilled pasteurised milk
(Extended Shelf Life) with advanced
technology to lock freshness in and
deliver the best, long lasting taste.


We offer a range of versatile, natural
and clean UHT Whipping Creams with
consistent performance. Designed by
professionals for professional bakers and
chefs to take desserts and beverages
from good to great.

Our UHT Whipping Cream formulation
offers superior hold on volume and
shape — perfect for Pouring and
Whipping for Dessert and Patisserie

As an essential ingredient in baking and
cooking we offer easy-opening packs
and lids to maximise pouring volume.