At Purearth Foods, our milk is all natural – no artificial additives or
preservatives, gluten free & vegetarian friendly, GMO free and made with
renewable packaging.

White Milk Products


UHT Milk

Purearth Foods offers premium quality Australian UHT milk
suitable for export to Asia and domestic (Australian) distribution.

UHT (Ultra High Temperature) uses technology to heat raw fresh
milk to a very high temperature of 140°C and then it is aseptically
packaged to offer a commercially sterile product which offers
10-12 months shelf life.

UHT Milk is the ultimate option for convenience, stays farm fresh
for up to 12 months and is free from preservatives.

Our Products - Milk pouring in glass
Our Products - Cereal with milk in bowl

ESL Milk

Purearth Foods offers premium quality Australian ESL milk suitable for export to Asia and for domestic (Australian) distribution with a unique shelf life between 30-90 days.

ESL technology leverages high temperature pasteurised milk to lock in freshness, quality and the natural and wholesome taste of raw milk.

Shelf life is up to 3mths and uses milk from strictly selected sources to ensure high quality and safe raw milk input.

White Milk – Available in UHT & ESL variants

Our products - Whipping cream packing

UHT Whipping Cream

Purearth UHT Whipping Cream looks & tastes delicious.
Our premium whipping cream, easy to work with for superior
results. Designed by professionals for professionals, your patisserie,
dessert and beverages will go from good to great.

Versatile and formulated for all baking applications, it is also excellent
for decorating. Perfect for pouring and whipping for dessert and
patisserie needs with consistent performance. With a strong hold
on volume and shape, it whips for peak performance.

Natural goodness, excluding preservatives, artificial flavours or
colours with a delicious and natural taste. Purearth UHT Whipping
Cream has a shelf life of up to 9months.

Our UHT cream is available in a 1 Litre cap format or 250ml.

Plant Protein Milk – Available in UHT & ESL variants

Specialty Milk – Available in UHT & ESL variants

Our products - white milk packing

UHT Pet Milk

Our Purearth Foods Pet Milk is specially formulated to provide our
animal friends with the additional support they need to complement
their daily food intake and support a nutritionally balanced diet.

Our Puppy milk is specially formulated and infused with vitamins,
minerals and calcium for growing puppies for strong and healthy lives.

Our Pet milk is natural, with no artificial colours, flavours or

We offer lactose reduced Pet Milk – with less than 0.2%
lactose, our Pet Milk is highly digestible and gentle on the stomach.

Available UHT Formats:

• 1 Litre Cap
• 200ml with Cap
• 250ml with Cap