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We use our expertise and resources
to deliver innovative products for
today’s consumer needs.

Purearth Foods partners with our customers to deliver a range of
services to explore new sales opportunities and create products under
their brands. At Purearth Foods, we have the resources required
to design, develop and deliver nutritious, dairy & plant based products.
We offer a range of different pack sizes, and we can help you meet the
ever-growing demand for safe, Australian-origin plant based beverages.

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Purearth Foods is a
modern Tetra Pak®
built liquid processing
facility with four
lines for the aseptic
packing of dairy and
plant based products
in the premium
Tetra Brik Edge Pack.

Our factory is the only fully integrated
Tetra Pak® plant in Australia, showcasing
their latest technology for processing
and traceability. Located just 20km
from the Port of Melbourne, Purearth
Foods can maximise logistical
efficiencies and ensure the freshest
products are delivered to both local and
international markets.

Tetra Pak® promises to Protect What’s
Good™, which aligns with Purearth’s
vision. We believe there is a perfect fit,
placing our customers at the centre
of everything we do — making safe,
healthy products, all while respecting
and protecting our environment.


Fully tailored for your brand and your market. Backed by our strong
customer support culture, we will work with brand owners to form alliance
partnerships to co-pack premium quality Australian dairy and plant based
products in safe, modern packaging.


Our team use their experience and creativity to develop and recommend
improvements to your new product opportunities that focus on emerging
consumer trends. Working together, our people can help you launch
innovative products in existing or new categories in domestic and global
Our qualified dairy technologists can work with customers to develop
formulations that maximise the applications and functionality of specialised
food products.


Our dairy beverages are 100% Australian origin and
packed in sterile, safe and recyclable packaging. Our careful selected,
highest quality Australian ingredients ensure our finished beverages are top
quality, inherently safe and highly nutritious.
Choose from Full Cream, Low Fat, Lactose-Free, Flavored, A2 or Pet Milk, Cream,
Nutritionally Fortified, Oat or Grain/Seed/Plant Based Protein Milk. We can produce
ambient milk (Long Shelf Life) or chilled pasteurised milk (Extended Shelf Life)


Fully resourced and accredited in-house laboratory coupled with
independent external testing to meet the most stringent hygiene standards.
We have highly qualified Microbiologists and Technicians to execute
our Food Safety and Quality Assurance programs.


Our Packs

Our services combine modern styling, tamper proof seals and plant protein milk with improved pouring on our 1L packs. We have the
flexibility to do portion packs in either 200mL or 250mL with a straw
or a resealable cap for on-the-go convenience.

Our Services - Milk packaging

Packaging Options

Our Tetra Pak® Edge packs are strong and stable. They
have been designed to protect against oxygen and light
to maximise the nutritional value. Our LightCap has a
“two-step” opening for safety and security.