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We are constantly stretching ourselves to achieve greater
sustainability through initiatives such as working with our
suppliers to reduce the impact of our cows on the environment,
introducing plant-based bottle caps and using paper-based,
renewable packaging.

Our focus on higher-value products supports the hard work of
our farmers by providing fair payment for their premium ingredients.
We are breaking the mould of sustainability in the consumer
goods world — and that means way more than the environment.

Our Story

With a desire to leave the world a
better place, sustainability is at the
heart of everything we do. Not just
for the environment, but for the
people who work with us.

Purearth brand story is all about contributing in dairy and plant-based beverage processing field. We are proud to be working towards a viably sustainable business model, collecting and using renewable resources such as wind, solar, rain, and repurposing our used water.
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Dairy milk recipes in various bowls

Producing some of the best dairy milk
Australia has to offer, our team took
their beverage knowledge and began
exploring non-dairy milk alternatives.

With tenacity and courage, Purearth
Foods was founded on a desire to
produce dairy and plant-based products
in a way that treats our human and
natural resources better.

By selecting the highest quality,
Australian produced ingredients; we
offer a range of beverages that reflect
our commitment to quality, safety and

From our green paddocks to our dairy
cows — our air is fresh, our water clean,
and our spirit Australian.

We pledge to deliver the most natural,
safe and clean seed, grain, plant or milk
products — always.


As one of Australia’s few remaining independent dairy and plant-based
beverage processors and contract manufacturers, offering a fully integrated,
modern, single-site dairy and plant-based manufacturing business, Purearth
Foods plays an important role in Australia’s dairy and dairy alternatives
supply chain.
We commissioned in April 2017 as Nature’s Dairy Australia, our business
rebranded in July 2021 to Purearth Foods to better reflect our vision and
Purearth Foods processes traditional dairy and plant-based beverages and
also supports the local raw milk processing industry. Consistent demand has
resulted in the processing of over 40 million litres of raw milk and other plant-based
ingredients through our facilities.


To nourish the mind, body and planet we share.


Creating natural, trusted Australian beverages for partners and consumers across the Asia Pacific region.
We are Australian!
Purearth Foods is Australian through and through. From our green paddocks to our dairy cows — our air is fresh, our water clean, and our spirit Australian.


Purearth Foods is 100% owned by two Australian families with professional
backgrounds in agriculture, dairy farming and processing. With
involvement in the dairy industry stretching back to 1920’s Victoria, the
family bought the first Jersey cows to Australia.

Our long and trusted history in the dairy industry includes owning the
Walwa Milk Foods Factory in the ’60s and setting up the Dairy Pavilion at
the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds. To this day, family members present the
“Best in Show Jersey Cow” each year.

Combined with our trusted partners in contract manufacturing and packaging,
this long history in the dairy industry, gives Purearth Foods a distinct
advantage in the market.


Our carefully selected, highest
quality Australian ingredients ensure
our finished beverages are top
quality, inherently safe and highly nutritious.

Purearth brand is produced from some of Australia’s purest dairy or a selection of locally sourced seeds, grains or plants, we offer a range of Long Life UHT and Extended Shelf-Life beverages.
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